New In Hove – To Treat You

JIN YAN TANG – Chinese complimentary therapies, acupuncture and tradition herbal medicines.

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Don’t accept discomfort, when there may be a treatment?

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After all, Chinese therapies have been around for thousands of years.

Author: Jin

WELCOME TO JIN YAN TANG Traditional Chinese therapy, acupuncture and traditional herbal medicine. We believe that the centuries old traditional Chinese therapies of acupuncture, massage, reflexology and natural herbal medicines, are a perfect compliment to Western style treatments and medication. We also believe that our complimentary therapies and herbal medicines are excellent in supporting the bodies natural feeling of well-being, and can assist in the process of healing. For a human being to feel ‘wow’ then they must feel great on the inside as well as great on the outside. We call this achieving the body balance, which is quite simply – the I feel great factor. Our practitioners work to the highest clinical and ethical standards, whilst providing clients with a free Confidential Initial Consultation and Personalised Therapeutic Treatment Plans.

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