Tui Na Massage Therapy (Acupressure)

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Is one of the oldest and most widespread healing therapies in the world, almost as old as medicine itself.

Tui Na (acupressure) uses the traditional Chinese healing therapy of maintaining the body flow of Qi (pronounced “Chee”).

It’s a Chinese massage style, with deep tissue manipulation on the meridian channels and acupoints, to  release tension, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Holistic Massage

Techniques directly affect the body flow of Qi and can be used effectively as a therapy for the treatment of many ailments, including relaxation.

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There are many individual benefits that can be obtained through the correct use of massage.

There is encouraging evidence that massage is beneficial for some musculo-skeletal (physical) problems, especially back pain, constipation, and (psychological) problems such as anxiety and depression.

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